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We have now closed the online petition, to comply with the council’s deadline for submission.

Many thanks to all who signed – lets hope that the message is heard loud and clear!

12 Responses to Online Petition

  1. Jenny Smith says:

    As Deputy Head of a local school, I am opposed to the proposed development for a number of reasons. Firstly, I am worried about the safety of our students. Crimes against women tends to rise in areas with lap dancing clubs or similar. Secondly, this club sends out the message that sexualised and exploitative behaviour is ok when isn’t. We work with teenage and vunerable girls, who are highly susceptible and such institutions serve to sanction these anti social behaviours.
    We work hard to ensure that young women can become confident, informed and independent citizens. Clubs such as this undo so much of our work, and that of our parents, by sending out such contradictory messages. Women, not much older than our students, end up working for a pittance often controlled by men in dangerous and explotative conditions. We should not be allowing this in the 21st century.

  2. lapoff says:

    The Lap Dancing Association presented a national petition to Parliament to try and water down planned changes in the law. They only managed to scrabble together 3,000 people – nationwide. We managed to get over 550 people in Crouch End alone to sign our petition, in just three hours on Saturday morning – and most of those weren’t in the pay of a professional lobbying organisation! We think that says a lot about what communities actually think of the way these clubs are springing up in residential areas all over the UK. Tell your friends about this online petition – plenty of people we spoke to didn’t even know about this application but as soon as we told them they couldn’t wait to sign. Why don’t we aim to match – and even exceed – the 3,000? That will send a strong message to the applicants, to Haringey Council, the lap dancing lobbyists and even to national government that we don’t want these establishments in our high streets, opposite our kids’ schools.

  3. Bridget leach says:

    I would urge Haringey Council to listen to residents in the area and do the the right thing. A lap dancing club is NOT WANTED in this area. It is not only unacceptable because of the schools nearby, I have no children but pay Haringey Council tax and do not want a sleazy club in Crouch End where I go to do my shopping. The lesson should be learnt from other councils who have allowed these clubs to open in unsuitable areas and then have consequently run into a lot of trouble from residents.
    There is no argument really. Common sense alone should be enough to put a stop even the idea of allowing such a place to open up. It would not be something the Council would want to brag about in their magazine would it?

  4. Julia Edwards says:

    I agree with the above comments and oppose the proposal to open a lap-dancing club in Crouch End.

  5. Stephanie P says:

    I personally would like to take all those who like to watch lap dancers and all those who like to lap dance and stick them on a desert island somewhere. There they can dance and watch dances til they all get bored of each other and this sleazy activity, which really has no place in our society in 2009, won’t then be a problem for the rest of us.

  6. Kate Smith says:

    I have been a resident in Crouch End for eight years and have always appreciated its safe child friendly atmosphere. The proposed lap dancing club is almost on the doorstep of a primary school and this fact alone should make the proposal unacceptable. I would be greatly concerned to think that the council could accept such a proposal, it would inevitably cause many problems for the residents of the area and for the families attending the school and nursery opposite.

  7. Lorraine M says:

    Crouch End has always been a lovely place to bring up children. It has a village-like charm, in a busy city that is unlike anywhere else, thats what all, if not most of the Crouch End residents love about the area.
    To bring in a sleazy lap dancing club to a place like this is ludicrous and grotesque. keep that sort of thing in the red-light district where it belongs.

  8. Cruella says:

    Can you include the email address or link to which objections should be sent? I should like to send one.

  9. Ben says:

    I would think twice about bringing up kids in this area if there were strip clubs here. It’s too on the doorstep for my liking. Leave that sort of thing to the Soho area rather than on a nice ‘clean’ neighborhood that has always been known for it’s family atmosphere.
    The rampant behavior this sort of thing causes is a cause for concern as I have seen the way guys get riled up by nudity, esp. if they don’t have a partner. It’s a pea-brain industry and like another contributor added, it would be nice if they were all put together on a safe, offshore location. I cannot begin to imagine the scourge of drunken, testosterone fueled behavior we would have to put up with and the possible crime wave rise in our already quite problematic postal area. Please negotiate a desert island for this project!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I would like to highlight that Crouch End already houses a Private Sauna on Crouch End Hill, and a school is nearby also. Where is the fuss caused from this being open and still operating? Why is there no concern for the amount of Homeless on our doorsteps. And why did Mountview move out of the area? One of many larger private Drama Schools..What’s happening to our heritage for Crouch End.

  11. Jacqui says:

    Unfortunately I have missed all the campaigning etc against this and only learnt about this today. However I would be interested in adding my opposition to opening the lapdancing club. Please add me to any mailing lists about this and so I can add my name to any future petitions and make my opposition known etc. It is very obvious that it will make the area more dangerous for women at night, and that it will increase unruly behaviour late at night. There is something severely wrong with Haringey if they approve this; it would sit very uncomfortably with their community and equality initiatives promoted so strongly in their magazine.

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