New shops sign our petition – total up to 66

March 31, 2009

We are pleased to announce that around 30 new shops signed today – they are as unhappy with the idea of a lap dancing club in Crouch End as we are

Hornsey Agencies
Baby Ceylon
MP4 Salons
Broadway Fruiterer
Kudos Film and TV
Broadway Dry Cleaners
SAS newsmart
Hot Pepper Jelly
Canlar (14 Broadway)
The Electric Market
J and S superstore (21 Broadway)
Queens Pub
Clocktower launderette
Coffee & Cake
Paint shop
Beauty Detox Spa
Rez’s Barbers
MEB Motors (163 Tottenham Lane)
Original Features
KH Patel Hornsey Ltd
Rodriguez News
Curry Club
Hart 2 Hart
Yilmaz (125 Tottenham lane)
Hornsey Supermarket
Saigrace Pharmacy
Laikia’s Cafe

Check our full list here

We hope the owners feel as isolated now as we did when we found out what they were planning.


Crime levels in Crouch End are already high – and Somerfield are taking action against late-night troublemakers

March 31, 2009

On Friday, there was yet another assault in Crouch End. There are two police posters in Figo’s cafe asking for information on violent crimes in Crouch End. And the Somerfield store, which is virtually opposite the Music Palace, has decided that it is going to stop providing a full 24-hour service. There was just too much aggravation and trouble for the people working there late at night, and they have reluctantly taken the decision to provide a hatch-only service between the hours of midnight and 6 am, to reduce the likelihood of their staff being threatened. Crime levels in this area are already high, and there is clearly concern among shopkeepers in the vicinity of the Music Palace about the safety of their staff late at night. Groups of sexually aroused men, probably intoxicated to some extent, leaving a lap dancing club in the early hours of the morning are hardly going to make this situation any better. This is an area where we need policies that are going to reduce crime, not add to it.

Negative Equity

March 31, 2009

Crouch End on the 15th may?

One of the many problems in having a strip club as your neighbour is when you try and sell your house. Yes, should Haringey decide to give Mr Hassan and Ms Ziya their license on the 14th May, there is a good chance your house will be worth a lot less (on average 15%) than it was. So should you decide that you have had enough of cleaning up the vomit from your front garden, or dodging pimps and prostitutes on your way to buy a pint of milk from Somerfield, good luck trying to sell – would you move to an area with a lap dancing bar?

Not that Piers Warne (solicitor) or Mr Hassan care – Piers excitedly shouted “It doesn’t matter!!” and Mr Hassan actually smirked when this was brought up at the infamous meeting with the residents at the Music Palace last month.

‘My sickening encounter with vermin in lap-dance clubs … their existence degrades us all’

March 31, 2009

Thanks for sending this in – in the mail last year

On Saturday, the Mail published an investigation into the growing number of ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ opening in High Streets around the country. A change in legislation has meant that in the past four years the number of these venues, where girls dance semi-clad or naked, has doubled. But what really goes on inside them? We sent columnist Amanda Platell to find out . . .

Full story here


March 30, 2009

The owner of the Music Palace is apparently so confident that he will get his licence that he is planning a ‘Special Guest’ to open his new venture.

Showing that we are not bitter, we have decide to help him out by suggesting a few candidates

1) Richard Timney (Jacqui Smith’s husband)

Maybe he could claim a private dance on expenses?

2) Peter Stringfellow

You just don’t get hair like that anymore – it’s beautiful

3) Freddy Shepherd

This lovely man was Newcastle United chairman, famous for being caught on a secret camera saying “Me, I like blondes, big bust, good legs. I don’t like coloured girls. I want a lesbian show with handcuffs…” He is a business man, though.

And here is a list of who will NOT be invited

1) Hugh Grant

The 1995 version of Hugh will maybe have been attracted to Tottenham Lane’s forthcoming prostitutes (Haringey have confirmed that lap dance bars can attract prostitutes, so forget about suing us) but the 2009 version seems to have got his act together, and even acts occasionally these days

2) Boris Johnson

‘BJ’ would unfortunatly fail the Music Palace strict dress code

3) Any resident from Crouch End, or any shop owner. Or anybody who has had sex with a consenting partner in the last 10 years.

People left exposed by Lap Dancing legislation

March 30, 2009

Thanks for the campaigner that sent this in – this is actually from last year but very much still relevant

Local people’s views on lap-dancing clubs are going unheard and unheeded because of a loophole in the licensing laws, council leaders will warn today.

The number of lap-dancing venues in Britain has doubled to around 300 since 2004 and in a letter to ministers, the Local Government Association will call for an urgent amendment to give authorities more control over the situation.

The 2003 Licensing Act puts the clubs in the same category as bars and cafes rather than considering them as places of sexual entertainment.

It means residents’ concerns about the kind of customers which may be attracted or the suitability of a specific location cannot be taken into account.

One example which highlights the problem is that of Southwark Council, which was unable to use the proximity of a venue to a cathedral as grounds to refuse a licence. A club was only prevented from opening by a clause in the lease for the premises concerned.

The LGA has written to Gerry Sutcliffe at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport as part of a consultation on the issue, which closes today, and the response has also been sent to Vernon Coaker at the Home Office and Minister for Women, Harriet Harman.

The letter from Vice Chairman, Sir Jeremy Beecham, said:

“The new licensing laws were intended to give local people more of a say on how pubs and clubs are run in their area but when it comes to lap-dancing establishments councils often find there’s little they can do to respond to people’s wishes.

“The law as it stands does not allow councils to consider the type of entertainment being provided or any concerns about the impact it may have on surrounding homes and businesses.

“It’s a loophole which needs closing.

“Local democracy depends on people being able to voice their opinions, and on councils being able to consider those views.

“Our towns and cities should be shaped as far as possible according to residents’ wishes, not by the presence of unwanted lap-dancing clubs in the heart of them.”

Another 650 people sign up to our petition

March 29, 2009

Many thanks to all those who stood in the rain and sleet yesterday to add anonther 650 names to our petition – we estimate that are now well on our way to 2000 names – proving without a doubt that the Music Palace will be well and truly isolated if they go ahead (and the council let them) with this proposal.