Lap Off logging off

November 4, 2009

I would like to bring this blog to a close, and say how much I have enjoyed writing it and being involved in this immense camapign. I will keep the account open just in case the Music Palace decide to try their luck again, but with the imminent law changes just can’t see it happening.

Thanks for all the comments – thanks even to the 2 abusers that chose to spend their spare time writing in to tell us how much we suck. We love you Isaac Hunt and Spikey Dude.

I can still remember that bleak meeting at the Music Palace when a smirking Dentkas Hassan thought that he had it in the bag, and their smug, crocodile shoe wearing solicitor telling people that there was nothing they could do. I have no idea how Mr Hassan reacted when he heard about the application being declined, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t smirking anymore.

Peter Stringfellow, the guy from Secret’s nightclub on BBC news that looked like a non-league football manager, the Lap Dancing Association, Popplestone Allen, your boys took one hell of a beating!