More whinging by poor little Lap Dancing Club owners

New legislation getting a lot of press – all I can say is, if these clubs are such fine, upstanding places, you’d think they’d welcome complying with the law? Also, if they are not selling sex, somebody should tell the eejits punters before they go in – they should go home and read Loaded, with Linda Lovelace on in the background and save everyone a whole bunch of trouble.

They may be forced out of business – them’s the breaks. You play poker with the devil, and sometimes you lose. Anywhere, here’s the article

If you cannot be bothered to read the article, I have summed it up in a few cut and pastes for you

Chris Knight, vice-chairman of the Lap Dancing Association, which has lobbied against the stringent new rules, said: “We run the very real risk of clubs being forced out of business because the licence can be objected to every year on moral grounds.”

Mr Knight, who is operations director of the For Your Eyes Only club in High Street, Southampton, insisted: “We are not selling sex. We are a nightclub offering entertainment. Its titillation and fun.”

“Nobody in the industry wants it. It’s just a cash cow.” (Of course nobody wants it – they have been cashing in on the biggest loop hole in legislitative history for years, why would they possibly want it. What’s the next revalation – WWF wrestling is fixed?)

“My club is opposite the university in the centre of town. There is nothing tawdry or sleazy about it. To say the girls are exploited is an outdated statement. My girls are not exploited in the least.”

That told you!

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