Even this would be preferable

Parents’ key concerns… Police cells next to school

A FORMER warehouse opposite a primary school in Holloway is set to be turned into a police detention centre.
British Transport Police want to convert the empty building next door to Robert Blair Primary school into a 20-cell unit with an exercise area just yards from the school.
The 24-hour cells would house British Transport police suspects while they are being held in custody before either being transferred to prison or released.
Islington Council granted outline permission on condition that all prisoners released between 8am and 6pm are escorted to Caledonian Road Tube station.
Sharon Jobe, chairwoman of the nearby Market Road Estate Tenants Association, said she was “appalled” by the scheme. She added: “I’m going to talk to Islington Council about this. It should never have been agreed.”
Parent Sally Rayner said: “There’s been no consultation with parents as far as I know. I’m not at all happy about a centre with potential offenders next to a primary school.”
But not all parents are against the project. Susan Dunsmore said: “We’re already less than 500 yards down the road from Pentonville prison and no one complains about that. There are always lots of police around Brewery Road.”
Labour councillor Paul Convery, chairman of the West Area Planning Committee which unanimously approved the scheme, said: “These people will be driven in and driven out of the centre. I’ve spoken to the school’s head and he’s not worried about it.”
British Transport Police said the site, due to open next May, was chosen because of its proximity to several large rail stations.

4 reasons why a prison is better than a Lap Dancing Bar

1) Escaped prisoners are unlikely to hang around to harrass residents

2) They will probably not be sexually arroused

3) Prostitutes are unlikely to hang around outside a prison – they are more likely to be INSIDE the prison

4) Prisoners have a great sense of humour – have you ever seen Porridge?


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