Tonight’s meeting

Have returned around an hour ago from the Civic Centre to report that sadly the meeting was adjourned – so the nightmare is not yet over. We put together a fantastic case, and were helped by a superb contribution from Carol Jones, who is the head of Hornsey School for Girls, and Lynne Featherstone, MP for Wood Green and Hornsey. Six months of hard work went into the presentation and we are confident that we covered as many points as possible, and have given the council the information they need to do the right thing. There was also a moving contribution from a mother of 2 who spoke for so many in Crouch End when she mentioned her fears if this club is given permission to host lap dancing.

Present for the applicants was Serdal Ziya and Lisa Sharkey, her solicitor. Dentkas Hassan was not present.

At 9.30 pm after hearing our representations, a decision was taken to adjourn after Ms Sharkey informed the hearing that her representation will take 30-40 minutes, meaning that no decision can be made tonight as the hearing would probably go on until 11.30pm, which was unacceptable.

We are obviously very disapointed, as it means putting our lives on hold as continue the relentless fight against this proposed club, but respect the decision, and will be ready to continue when a new date is set.

As soon as we know the new date – it will be on here – keep logging in.

Many, many thanks to all that came tonight – we had the entire gallery packed out, and the periodic applause was a fantastic antidote to having to address in such a pressurised situation.

Also thanks to Carol Jones, Lynne Featherstone,the tireless (and inspirational) Adrian Essex and David Winskill as well as everyone else who spoke tonight.

Fingers crossed.

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