The facebook row

To be honest, getting the blog started again has been harder than I thought – we were all hoping for a summer off and I have had other problems to deal with in the meantime (a neighbour’s dog that won’t stop barking for starters – anyone got any suggestions?) and I have to admit I have not been looking at the facebook site that much. It would seem that a couple of lap dance enthusiasts have invaded our group with the express intention of telling us that we all suck, and they should be free to follow their passion. Finding anyone who agrees with the application is quite hard, and it was mildly amusing that these 2 should feel so strongly that they bravely entered the fray – we all know it takes a big man to abuse someone from their bedsit.

The main Peter Stringfellow wannabe is this chap

His best line (I bet he’s tried a few of those)

Hey lady! Why don’t you get in the kitchen and make me my dinner? *snicker*
He bought a little pal (aggghh) along with him for support
I know what you are all thinking – why do these 2 need to visit lap dancing bars? They are so stunning that women must throw themselves at their Adonis-esque physiques every day.
My wife has just told me she is leaving me – I cannot compete with these 2, and she cannot live with me knowing that hunks like these two are out there for the taking. Them’s the breaks, I guess.
To visit the wall

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