The official Lap Off! objection to the planning application at 159a Tottenham Lane (AKA The Music Palace)

LapOff! are delighted to learn that the Music Palace does not have the appropriate planning consent to operate a “Gentleman’s Club” and will oppose the application with vigour. Anyone wishing to view and comment on the application can do so online using the Haringey online planning application  – search for reference HGY/2009/0953 or at web address

The applicants have provided “supporting information” to back up the proposed change of use to “Gentleman’s Club”. This information is misleading and inaccurate. It contains a clumsy attempt to distort the nature of the area surrounding The Music Palace describing it as “predominantly retail and commercial” whereas in fact , of the 71 different adjoing properties circulated by Haringey with notice of the application, only four do not have a residential component, these four being the former Hornsey Journal building, Kwik-Fit, Rosebery House and number 157 Tottenham Lane. On this basis 94% of the area is residential. Factoring in
the 152 residents in the YMCA,
the multiple doorbells at many of the addresses circulated,
the proposed residential development at what is temporarily a car wash,
the proposed residential development at the disused garages site adjacent to Rokesly
and the Site Specific Proposal in the Unitary Development to return the Texaco/Somerfield site to mixed residential and retail use,
then the residential percentage is well in excess of  99%.
Rokesly School, a primary of about 700 pupils, is also on the list of adjacent properties.
The Unitary Development Plan identifies the Music Palace as being well outside the Crouch End Town Centre. National planning policy designates town cetres as the preferred location for such high volume club/leisure activities.
A more detailed rebuttal is being prepared by LapOff. The draft of this rebuttal is currently available on the blog/facebook sites.
It is essential for the success of the opposition to this proposal that as many LapOff! supporters as possible submit objections to the application, using one of the following means:
online at

in writing quoting reference HGY/2009/0953 to:
Development Management Support
Planning and Regeneration
639 High Road
N17 8BD
or by email to


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