REVEALED – Why Mr Hassan wants to open a lap dancing bar in Crouch End

April 6, 2009

We all thought that Mr Hassan and Ms Ziya were just trying to make a fast buck at the expense of pretty much everyone else in Crouch End – but, no , they are actually training athletes to aid our bid for glory at the 2012 Olympics. Good for them.

Link to story – Should Pole Dancing be an Olympic Sport?

Latest online petition count – 532

April 5, 2009

Many, many thanks to all that have signed the online petition – the response has been emphatic – we want to keep going on this and really give a resounding message to Haringey.

The comments people have made leave all campaigners in no doubt about the strength of feeling against the application – we will publish these (please note that the petition is only shown to the council and seen by us – the author of the comments will be kept private and confidential) shortly.

Please sign if you have not already (or signed one of our many street petitions – these number in excess of 1500 and counting)

Listening to concerns?

April 5, 2009

Piers Warne, solicitor acting for the clients

“My client has taken on board the concerns of the residents”

Serdal Ziya (the client)

“I’m not going to make any more comments – they will do what they’ve got to do, and we’ll do what we’ve got to do”

An application that will benefit nobody in Crouch End

April 4, 2009

A few years ago Arsenal moved to a new stadium amid a huge local outrage and campaign – whilst you could see the campaigners’ points about disruption and several businesses being uprooted, at least you could also argue the pros of having 60 000 people descend on an area of London that needed regenerating – football fans are much more likely to visit local shops and restaurants than lap dance enthusiasts.

Can you say the same about the Music Palace (or ‘The Windmill’ or whatever subtle, “non suggestive” name they end up calling it?)

1) Will it bring employment to the area?

The dancers actually have to pay the club to dance, so they can’t be classed as employees. So a few bouncers and barstaff find gainful employment – so what? I would be prepared to bet good money on them being friends or family members – I guarentee you will not see any ads in the ‘situations vacant’ column.

2) Will it re-generate Tottenham Lane – or Crouch End?

Crouch End is going through a tough period with many shops empty at the moment – and the area around the Music Palace has a derelict edge to it – but regeneration is already in the pipeline with 2 devolopments planned next door and accross the road, filling the ‘gaps’. And as most people will feel less easy about walking the streets if a lap bar opens, Crouch End Broadway is more likely to deterioate than improve.

3) Will it put Crouch End on the map?

For all the worng reasons, maybe.

4) Who will benefit?

Mr Hassan, Ms Ziya and er, that’s it.

Muswell Hill fear an invasion of ‘businessmen’

April 2, 2009

Muswell Hill is “vulnerable” to an onslaught of lap dancing clubs – if one bar’s bid to offer near-naked dancing is successful.

That is the fear of worried campaigners who say Muswell Hill’s thriving late night bar and club scene could make it a prime target for new lap dancing venues – IF a Crouch End bar wins a licence for adult entertainment next month, possibly setting a precedent for Haringey.

Full story here

Striker in lap-dancing bar arrest

April 2, 2009

More evidence of the soothing powers of  ‘Gentlemens Clubs’ –

Sunderland striker Djibril Cisse has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a woman outside a lap-dancing club in Newcastle.

Police said a 27-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of common assault in the early hours of Monday.

It is believed the alleged incident happened outside the Diamonds club in Grey Street. The Premier League star was later released on police bail.

A spokesman for Sunderland refused to comment on the matter.

The striker, who is on loan at Sunderland from French club Marseille, used to play for Liverpool.

He is married with two children.

This is someone who earns 60k a week. Serdal Ziya is claiming that we have got nothing to fear as they are only after people with a lot of money. Money doesn’t make people behave – look at Prince Harry. Or Idi Armin.

I thought we told you to stay in the car

April 2, 2009

Many thanks to ‘Mr C. Petrou’ for taking the time to write to the Journal this week

What is Crouch End? It’s a place in Haringey, a place that borders Tottenham, Finsbury Park and Wood Green. Not the worst parts of London, but not the best.

I have heard all the points for and against a lap dancing venue. The arguments against just don’t make any sense, and are made by people who, without doubt, have never stepped inside such a place.

At the meeting a few weeks ago, and as a resident of five years, I was embarrassed by the comments made by the few residents who bothered to speak. Not one had a valid reason to oppose.

At one point I thought the female licensing officer from the council was about to be attacked by a loud mouth yob, who was quite aggressive and rude towards her. This was a good night in favour of the application, without doubt.

If the proposed club is successful, then without doubt the whole area will benefit from the new clientele from outside Crouch End coming into the area and spending much needed money. Just remember, if a licence is granted it can be taken away if things do get out of hand.

– Mr C.Petrou, N8.

I could spend a while arguing the toss with  ‘Mr C. Petrou’ but life is too short, and I have work to do.

Come on – this person deos not exist! It is a made up letter (who would do this, I do not know..)

If anyone knows ‘Mr C. Petrou’ – please contact and I will write a full apology – and even give ‘Mr C. Petrou’ a free Lap Off! t shirt.

PLEASE NOTE – Petrou and Co Solicitors in Priory Road do not have any connection with this letter. They do not support the application.

What it like to live near a lap dancing club?

April 1, 2009

Thanks to a local resident ( and petition signer ) who sent this little snippet of what we have in store if Hassan and Ziya get their way

“I lived in Cambridge Grove just off Hammersmith grove W6 about 7 years ago  (prior to having children!) and there was a late night lap dancing club on the next block –

I found the roudy men obnoxious – loud, and they littered the gardens with beer cans.  On leaving the club they were rude, louder and boasting about their “Dances”  – if you sat in the garden late at night in the summer there was a consant stream of guys coming and going – shouting and swearing as drinking and drugs often go hand in hand with these clubs. “

Sounds delightful – can’t wait

Nothing to fear, Ms Ziya?

Lap dance clubs ‘a danger to women’

April 1, 2009
CLAIMS that drugs and prostitution run rife in lap dancing venues were made this week as councillors pushed for new powers to stop the erotic clubs opening in Haringey.

A heated debate erupted at a full council meeting on Monday as councillors backed Government plans to “tighten up” the regulation of adult entertainment venues.

Full story here