Meeting Postponed!

Got this email form Haringey Licensing today –

Dear All

We have received notification from the solicitor acting on behalf of the applicants for Music Palace requesting the matter be postponed from the planned hearing on the 14th May 09.

The applicants need time to resolve an issue raised by their landlord, and possibly planning issues.

The matter will not be listed in the near future at the request of the solicitor and they have requested that they contact us at a later date with a view to either requesting the application to be listed or to be withdrawn.

There is no need to attend on the 14th May 09, if the matter is re-listed, rest assure that I will contact all parties to advise of any new dates.

Daliah Barrett
Licensing Manager

BLOG COMMENT : Encouraging news – this does not mean that the fight is over – but watch this space…

Please continue to spread the word about the petition etc as Lap Off! will remain until the application has either been withdrawn or defeated.

One Response to Meeting Postponed!

  1. muswellhillbilly says:

    Great news – but our community needs to remain vigilent. Could be the applicant is just waiting for all the opposition to lose interest before sneaking it in again.

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