Mayor Boris Johnson says “Lap Off!”

Not really, but appears to agree that there is a link between the rise of Lap Dancing bars and sexual crime

Mayor unveils new crime strategy A man beating a woman Critics said the mayor’s plans have not been properly evaluated London’s mayor has announced plans to tackle trafficking and raise the number of rape crisis centres as part of plans to curb violence against women. He also pledged better training for police officers and tighter controls over lap dancing clubs. But critics said the mayor’s plans were not properly costed. The mayoral strategy comes on the back of police figures last week which showed rape had risen by 276 offences – up 14.5% – over the last year. ‘Completely unacceptable’ Speaking at the unveiling of ‘Way Forward’, Mr Johnson said the rise was “completely unacceptable”. “I want this city to be safe for everybody,” he said. “It’s a measure of a civilised and liveable city that it should be attractive and safe for women to live in.” The strategy puts prevention at its core and brings together the work of the police, local authorities, NHS and the criminal justice system, he said. But Joanne McCartney, Labour London Assembly member, accused Mr Johnson of “broken promises” on funding four rape centres. She said there was a shortfall of more than £500,000 in the mayor’s November budget to fund the crisis centres. “To be honest it was pretty cheap to suggest that London’s urgent need for more rape crisis provision could be solved by sacking a few press officers,” she said.


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