An application that will benefit nobody in Crouch End

A few years ago Arsenal moved to a new stadium amid a huge local outrage and campaign – whilst you could see the campaigners’ points about disruption and several businesses being uprooted, at least you could also argue the pros of having 60 000 people descend on an area of London that needed regenerating – football fans are much more likely to visit local shops and restaurants than lap dance enthusiasts.

Can you say the same about the Music Palace (or ‘The Windmill’ or whatever subtle, “non suggestive” name they end up calling it?)

1) Will it bring employment to the area?

The dancers actually have to pay the club to dance, so they can’t be classed as employees. So a few bouncers and barstaff find gainful employment – so what? I would be prepared to bet good money on them being friends or family members – I guarentee you will not see any ads in the ‘situations vacant’ column.

2) Will it re-generate Tottenham Lane – or Crouch End?

Crouch End is going through a tough period with many shops empty at the moment – and the area around the Music Palace has a derelict edge to it – but regeneration is already in the pipeline with 2 devolopments planned next door and accross the road, filling the ‘gaps’. And as most people will feel less easy about walking the streets if a lap bar opens, Crouch End Broadway is more likely to deterioate than improve.

3) Will it put Crouch End on the map?

For all the worng reasons, maybe.

4) Who will benefit?

Mr Hassan, Ms Ziya and er, that’s it.


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