I thought we told you to stay in the car

Many thanks to ‘Mr C. Petrou’ for taking the time to write to the Journal this week

What is Crouch End? It’s a place in Haringey, a place that borders Tottenham, Finsbury Park and Wood Green. Not the worst parts of London, but not the best.

I have heard all the points for and against a lap dancing venue. The arguments against just don’t make any sense, and are made by people who, without doubt, have never stepped inside such a place.

At the meeting a few weeks ago, and as a resident of five years, I was embarrassed by the comments made by the few residents who bothered to speak. Not one had a valid reason to oppose.

At one point I thought the female licensing officer from the council was about to be attacked by a loud mouth yob, who was quite aggressive and rude towards her. This was a good night in favour of the application, without doubt.

If the proposed club is successful, then without doubt the whole area will benefit from the new clientele from outside Crouch End coming into the area and spending much needed money. Just remember, if a licence is granted it can be taken away if things do get out of hand.

– Mr C.Petrou, N8.

I could spend a while arguing the toss with  ‘Mr C. Petrou’ but life is too short, and I have work to do.

Come on – this person deos not exist! It is a made up letter (who would do this, I do not know..)

If anyone knows ‘Mr C. Petrou’ – please contact lapoffn8@gmail.com and I will write a full apology – and even give ‘Mr C. Petrou’ a free Lap Off! t shirt.

PLEASE NOTE – Petrou and Co Solicitors in Priory Road do not have any connection with this letter. They do not support the application.


3 Responses to I thought we told you to stay in the car

  1. Stephanie P says:

    There you go – you just need to visit one and all your fears will be allayed! Your worries about the objectification of women will go, you will see the clientele behaving like ‘gentlemen’ and you will realise how misguided you’ve all been in trying to oppose the club.

    How I’ve wasted my time over the last year reading up about sexual violence towards women, the dangers of objectifying women, watching the Dispatches programme that showed “dancers” offering prostitution in undercover footage from lap dancing clubs up and down the country….

    Many thanks to “Mr C Petrou” for making me realise that all I needed to do to educate myself on the issue was visit a lap dancing club!

    How am I cursing my naivety!

  2. Adrian Essex says:

    from 192.com
    send the t-shirt to:
    C PETROU 177 PRIORY ROAD LONDON N8 8NB Map Photo More Info
    Men’s Hairdressers,

    something for weekend, sir?

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