New shops sign our petition – total up to 66

We are pleased to announce that around 30 new shops signed today – they are as unhappy with the idea of a lap dancing club in Crouch End as we are

Hornsey Agencies
Baby Ceylon
MP4 Salons
Broadway Fruiterer
Kudos Film and TV
Broadway Dry Cleaners
SAS newsmart
Hot Pepper Jelly
Canlar (14 Broadway)
The Electric Market
J and S superstore (21 Broadway)
Queens Pub
Clocktower launderette
Coffee & Cake
Paint shop
Beauty Detox Spa
Rez’s Barbers
MEB Motors (163 Tottenham Lane)
Original Features
KH Patel Hornsey Ltd
Rodriguez News
Curry Club
Hart 2 Hart
Yilmaz (125 Tottenham lane)
Hornsey Supermarket
Saigrace Pharmacy
Laikia’s Cafe

Check our full list here

We hope the owners feel as isolated now as we did when we found out what they were planning.

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