Negative Equity

Crouch End on the 15th may?

One of the many problems in having a strip club as your neighbour is when you try and sell your house. Yes, should Haringey decide to give Mr Hassan and Ms Ziya their license on the 14th May, there is a good chance your house will be worth a lot less (on average 15%) than it was. So should you decide that you have had enough of cleaning up the vomit from your front garden, or dodging pimps and prostitutes on your way to buy a pint of milk from Somerfield, good luck trying to sell – would you move to an area with a lap dancing bar?

Not that Piers Warne (solicitor) or Mr Hassan care – Piers excitedly shouted “It doesn’t matter!!” and Mr Hassan actually smirked when this was brought up at the infamous meeting with the residents at the Music Palace last month.

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