The Daily Mail today

We are in today’s mail – happy with the piece, but don’t agree that it is a foregone conclusion at the meeting. 

Many thanks to Daniel for this

A lapdancing club is to open opposite a nursery despite massive opposition.

The location of the Music Palace has been described by campaigners as ‘the most inappropriate in Britain’.

Two schools and a YMCA which houses vulnerable youths are also nearby.

Seven schools are in the wider area and a bus stop used by teenage schoolgirls is a few yards away from the front doors.

Music Palace club 

Neighbours: The intended Music Palace club (circled), with the gates of Rokesly infant and junior schools on the left. The site also houses a nursery

The club is due to open at 11am so clients and strippers will be arriving and leaving as the nursery closes and when children go home from school.

Residents in the North London suburb of Crouch End fear that girls will be intimidated by the clients and that there will be an increase in sex assaults.

After being told in a letter six weeks ago about the plan to vary the licence of the Music Palace, parents formed a campaign group called Lap Off!

The group has collected more than 1,000 signatures of protest, traders have expressed their opposition and councillors and MPs are against it.

Lindsey Wright 

Disgusted: Resident Lindsay Wright

However, because the application meets all the criteria under Labour’s 2003 Licensing Act, already condemned for bringing in 24-hour drinking, Haringey Council and police say they are powerless to oppose it.

The proposals are due to be waved through by the council at a licensing hearing in May.

Management consultant Alison Lillystone, who has 16-year- old daughter and is leading the campaign, said: ‘If a lapdancing club can open here it can open anywhere.’

The Music Palace is over the road from Rokesly infant and junior schools, along with the adjoining nursery.

Nearby is the Hornsey School for Girls, a comprehensive for 1,400 girls aged 11 to 18.

Mrs Lillystone, 49, added: ‘Our concern is over safety. Girls will feel intimidated by people coming out of the club and will be leered at. Teenage girls are going to be a target for men coming out of the club. They won’t be able to walk around without being hassled.’

Lindsay Wright, 40, who has three children including an eight-year-old girl, said: ‘Lapdancing clubs are destroying the face of Britain’s High Streets and making the lives of residents and local businesses a misery.’

Crouch End councillor David Winskill added: ‘It’s the most inappropriate place in Britain for a lapdancing club.’

The number of lapdancing establishments in Britain has doubled from 150 in 2004 to more than 300 today, with a club opening almost every week.

Their proliferation is due to the Licensing Act 2003 which made it as easy to open a lapdancing club as to start up a cafe.

Piers Warne, of solicitors Popplestone Allen, which represents Serdal Ziya, who is applying to open the club, said his client had ‘taken on board’ the residents’ concerns.

But he added: ‘There are far worse places to have a lapdancing club.’

Piers Warne enters our competition!!! I will write to him to ask for clarification – but I fully expect my email to be ignored like any other requests for information.

Link to article (with comments) here

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