Lap Dancing – the daily grind

Pretty gruesome stuff in this Times article – surely even the most ardant lap dance fan would argue that a quiet residential area opposite a school is maybe not the best place for this

“Men who agree to a dance are told how to sit (legs spread, hands placed safely on the velour banquette), as their dancer runs through the house rules. Only the punters are bound by the “no touching” rule. Dancers can get as close as they want, grinding into a man’s lap and simulating sex. A girl will suck her own nipples, pushing them tantalisingly close to the punter’s mouth. In full strip clubs she will remove her thong for the final part of the dance. The whole thing lasts little more than two minutes. In a busy club, the dancer will then tuck the proffered notes into her garter and move on to the next slavering male.”

Full story here


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