Update on the legal reform on licensing lap dancing bars

We have had an update from Lynne Featherstones’ office regarding the current bill going through Parliament (this bill is designed to close the current loophole regarding lap dancing in the same licensing terms as cafes)

The main points of the changes are:

– Sex establishments will be brought into line with the restrictions that are placed on sex shops and sex cinemas – which mean they can use the following criteria to assess the application:

“When considering an application for a sex establishment licence the Council may only use the following criteria:

  • The suitability of the Applicant
  • Whether the person applying is a “front” person for someone else
  • The location and situation of the premises in relation to other premises in the area
  • Whether the number of sex establisments in that locality is equal to, or exceeds the number which the Council considers appropriate for the area.

– Local Authorities must opt in to the rules, and only apply if the Council chose to the apply the restrictions

– The rules are retrospective so all establishments must re-apply.  The lap-dancing industry is lobbying against this and we will resist attempts to amend the proposals in this way.

This is fantastic news – let’s all hope that the bill is passed in it’s current form.


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