Myths surrounding this application No. 1 – “The children will not be at school when the club is open”

We were told this a few times at yesterday’s petition signing – even Ms Ziya (the licensee) said in the Journal recently

“We understand about the school opposite but I can’t imagine the place opening that early. The hours that we will be operating, kids should be at home – in bed I hope.”

Where in that quote does it say they won’t open during school hours? All it says is that they “can’t imagine being open”

The applicants have applied to be open at 11am (until 2am the following morning) – the last time I checked,  schools were open then. We understand that Ms Ziya was also overheard at the recent meeting with local residents saying “when we get our licence we will open when we want” – the fact is – if they DO get the license they will open during the day if they see fit to do so (and if they can make money doing it).  If we are wrong about this, we invite the applicants to contact us –


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