We’ll battle to the end, say lap dance protesters

Parents and residents battling against a planned lap dancing club in Crouch End staged a street protest this week – and told those behind the controversial venture to “Lap Off!”

The newly-formed Lap Off! group of more than 80 campaigners gathered with placards – and some with their children – outside Music Palace in Tottenham Lane, on Tuesday.

Posters with slogans like “No crotch den in Crouch End!” will soon cover Crouch End in a bid to win over more opposition to the venue’s plans.

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You’ve got nothing to fear  – Protestors told

THE mother of three who is proposing to open a lap dancing club in Crouch End has promised protesters: “You have nothing to fear.”

The planned venue will be discreet, quiet and harmless to neighbours and passers-by, she says.

Serdal Ziya, 40, who hopes to win a lap dancing licence for The Music Palace in Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, said neighbours campaigning against it were fearful of the unknown and lap dancing’s “sleazy” image.

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3 Responses to We’ll battle to the end, say lap dance protesters

  1. lapoff says:

    Miss Ziya said: “We will be attracting business people and that is the aim we are going for. We are going to be very fussy at the door. If we can see that they are alcohol-fuelled already we won’t let them in the premises.”

    Yes, and then who the has to deal with these bozos? The residents, that’s who.

  2. Jeannette Adames says:

    Comment sent to Hornsey and Crouch End Journal:

    Dear Editor,

    I was amazed that Hornsey and Crouch End Journal allowed Stephen Moore’s interview of Serdal Ziya to be printed. It is ridden with inaccuracies and misinformation. Moore allowed Ms. Ziya to hide behind the perceived verbal attacks from “close minded” residents and missed the opportunity to challenge her statements against her actions.

    In the article, she stated that “the hours that we will be operating, kids should be at home – in bed I hope.” The license variation she and her husband have applied for would allow the venue to be open from 11:00am to 2:00am six days per week when students from both Rokesly School and Hornsey School for Girls will be, well…in school. Ms. Ziya claimed that “[her] research has shown a lot less trouble at sex encounter venues than a regular night clubs.” Did her research also include that crime statistics show an increase in sexual assault in areas where such businesses operate. She added that she went to “a lot of lap dancing places” before deciding to apply for one in Crouch End,” which begs the question, did she and her husband actually bother to research the Crouch End community itself?

    Residents’ opposition to opening a lap dance club in our community is not motivated by a moral stance, as Ms. Ziya seems to suggest. We oppose it solely because until now she and her husband have only shown how this plan would benefit their pockets. They have consistently failed to clarify what actions they will take to promote the prevention of crime and disorder; the prevention of public nuisance; public safety at the premise and the protection of children from harm.

  3. CrouchEnd Guy says:

    Why has everyone gone nuts about a Lap Dancing club in Crouch End, but noone seems to mind that there is a brothel oposite Marks and Spencer?

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