The story so far

Application is put in to alter licensing conditions of the Music Palace, Tottenham Lane, to turn it into a ‘Gentlemens Club’ – providing lap dancing and ‘erotic’ dancing, extending it’s opening hours form 11am to 2am six days a week, and until 11pm on sundays.

Haringey licensing write to homes only within 75 metres of the venue, and 2 A4 sheets are put up outside the Music Palace (which omit any mention of lap dancing at all) so very few people actually know about the application. The notice also had the wrong closing date for representations.

The Hornsey Journal then publish it as a front page story which finally alerts most local residents, and allows them to send representations to the local council. They receive 97 altogether.

Piers Warne of Popplestone Allen (the solicitors acting for the Music Palace) instigates a meeting with local residents to “answer any questions regarding the application” – this is scheduled for 2 days after any representations can be lodged.

The meeting, which most people agreed was a cheap PR stunt, was held on the 5th March at the Music Palace. Very useful for networking, and Lap Off! was pretty much launched from there.

Meeting with Lynne Featherstone, MP, and David Winskill, councillor for the ward, on the 14 March to discuss plans of action and how Lynne can help on a national, as well as local, level.


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